About me

All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory

Inspired in spirituality from a very young age under the guidance of my late mother. She taught me the principles of Sri Sri Ram Thakur.

Like any other child I too grew up with interests in outdoor games but a focus on studies. And it is this initiative that helped me finish my studies, and I became a Mechanical Engineer. Then when in job, learned Reiki, Art of Living, which became a part of my quest. Practiced both early morning before going to office.. I was actively engaged in all activities of both. Was one of the founder member of Tata Archery Academy and was a very active in activities of the sports. After a satisfactory tenure with my job, left my job to explore the unexplored. This urge of looking for new avenues brought me to the mega city of Ahmedabad.

Our Expertise

Reiki Grand Master

Reiki, a Japanese energy modality, rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism , can be a pivotal piece of any healing process, emotionally and physically. For those pursuing conception, to change the present ...

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Facilitator Access conscious bars

if you have ever heard of or talked about the Access Consciousness tools, you may know the reaction of other people: “This ‘Access’, what is that exactly?”

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NLP Certified Mind Trainer

NLP is a vehicle for Happy Healthy Abundance & successful life. For students, Sports persons, Executives and for all walks of life. Only requirements

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Clinical hypnotherapist

Clinical hypnosis teaches clients to use a deep relaxation state to address issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, pain relief, or self-improvement.

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Mind coaching

Mind Coaching is a Holistic system to stretch the capacities of inner Mind beyond any limitations. Benefits of Mind Coaching and training. Mind coaching will improve on following areas.

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Sports Psychology Coaching

One of many Example of Mental Game Of Sports Assessment™. Discover What's Holding You Back From Playing Your Best.

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